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Long-Term and Short-Term Care

The definition of home is anything that happens or belongs to the area in which a person lives. For example, if you went to the dictionary and tried to define the word home, it would say, “a dwelling place, usually permanent in nature, habitually inhabited by members of the same family, the site of family … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Home And A Bed Room?

So, what exactly is the difference between home and apartment? Many times people use the terms’ home and apartment interchangeably assuming that they mean the exact same thing. In reality they may mean completely different things, but at least in common usage they do mean the similar thing. When you say home to someone, you … Read more

Second Offer So Much More Than Just Space

Often we use the words home and apartment interchangeably assuming that they mean basically the same thing. In actuality they may mean very different things, but in different ways. When you say home to someone you live in, you typically mean either the actual dwelling structure where you live; or the building that houses that … Read more